Coffee in an Instant -Not Instant Coffee!

Pinnacle Beverages are Brisbane based, small batch, craft cold brew experts. Their passion for cold coffee & tea brewing has driven them for the past 16 years, and with constant testing and development they have refined everyones favourite drinks.

Their passionate team have crafted a specific coffee blend that is perfectly designed for cold brewing, and creates a rich, smooth & sweet flavour like no other. Our products are a natural energy source - with only 2 ingredients, coffee and triple UV filtered water, with no preservatives, no additives and definitely no heat treating.

All of our coffee is also Vegan friendly, gluten free & dairy free.

The best part is you can keep it in your fridge all summer long as our cold brew coffee concentrate lasts for 16 weeks unopened.

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New Sparkling Ice Tea's

Whoever said you can't have it all needs a pack of our new non-alcoholic tinnies. Whether you're feeling fruity or in need of a refreshing boost, our new Sparkling Iced Tea range is here for you. 

Made with real fruit extracts, each of our four mouthwatering teas have barely any calories, sustainable recyclable packaging, and just the right amount of bubbles for the kick you need. So next time you have a thirst for flavour without compromise, choose Pinnacle sparkling iced tea for the sweet taste of no regrets.

Each product in our range is dairy-free, vegan, and offers a distinct tea experience:

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Contract Brewing

Our 16 years of experience and our passion for cold brew coffee allows us to create the perfect cold coffee brew for your cafe, restaurant, bar or coffee brand. 

We are with you every step of the way, including:

Development: We will work with your brand and co-packing partners to create unique repeatable beverages.

Recipe Development: Together, we reach your optimal profile and recipe specification taking your unique flavour profile into a cold brew extraction.

Production: We transfer your final recipe to our production brewer where your flavour profile is uploaded and replicated [every time].

Fill & Pack: Your cold brew coffee concentrate or RTD coffee product is filled into your chosen packaging, labeled and ready for collection.

You can rest easy as our cold brew production facility is purpose built to HACCP standards, offering an additional level of safety and quality control to your finished product.